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In the duet Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues, based on the eponymous composition by Frederic Rzewski, the dance springs from one idea: a liberating movement which mounts through the body starting from the feet, which are fixed to the floor, travelling to the hips, where it makes its home. The energy of the movement holds a sort of silent revolt, a challenge established with the rhythm, in relation to time in space.

Frederic Rzewski's composition is part of the cycle Four North American Ballads, where the composer sets four folk songs that are linked with activist movements in American history. It is based on a cotton-mill workers' song from the 1930s in South Carolina, the region in the United States where at the time the workers were the least connected to the labour unions.

Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues is the second work of the programme of short choreographies Paumes.

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production Coto de Caza now Niels Production (Brussels)
co-production Musica Libera (Brussels) and Plateau (Brussels)
length 12 mins.
choreography Olga de Soto
music Frederic Rzewski (Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues, for two pianos)
played by Sachiko Yoshida and Michaël Frohnmeyer (music live version and recorded music version)
costumes Pascale Gigon and Olga de Soto
lighting Gaëtan van den Berg
duo created and performed by Olga de Soto and Pascale Gigon