The first thing that struck me as I listened to the piece was the violent succession of chords, modulating and transforming themselves, exploding and spreading, branching out as a fabric. Chords made of reminiscences, left traces, potential places of new beginnings. The succession of chords created a sort of vertical blocks, compact, in the first part, which then lead to a sort of evolutionary explosion (implosion), form the centre out, symmetrically: a ramification of sounds. The notes multiply and the pianists pass from chords with notes close together to chords where their fingers are separated as much as possible, and then, the fingers still as wide as possible, the whole forearm is brought into play, from the elbow to the hand.

As this stage, the desire to transpose the horizontal space of the keyboard and the score to the vertical axe of the body manifested itself as a basis from which to work during the creation of this duet.

Olga de Soto