© Catherine Alvès

© Catherine Alvès

For me, music belongs to a frontier zone. As in dreams in which some thing is, but is not yet.

Salvatore Sciarrino


During the creation of Seuls bruits des corps entre eux, and in my wish to develop a particular approach for each composition, I had decided to immerse myself into Salvatore Sciarrino's universe forbidding myself to look at the Sei quartetti brevi scores. This differed from the process I used to create the three other pieces of the short pieces programme Paumes. The creation of the solo By a hand or by the wind but the air is immobile on Sciarrino's composition Canzona di ringraziamento, is based on the same commitment.

Canzona di ringraziamento is part of a cycle of compositions for flute that carries the generic title Fabbrica degli incantesmi. In this cycle Sciarrino situates the instrument in an inaccessible zone between sound and silence, sound and noise, tone and its nuances of breath, sighs and key sounds.

In this composition, the flute, monodic instrument par excellence since antiquity, develops polyphonic qualities with different sounds that superimpose and mix themselves at times. According to Sciarrino: "The Canzona designates a geometrical construction of a few sounds that the 'enchantment' has left in uncertainty." The composition is divided into polyphonic and polyrythmical stanzas.