To incorporate air, water, their sounds, the space, to create one body out of many; to intimately unite one matter with another into an entirely new element, bring them in as parts of a whole, defined, demarcated, in silence. Lend body and resonance to the actions and sounds of a wandering that unfolds in close proximity to the action, in the intimate gesture of one whose attention is fully absorbed, like a child, by the meticulous observation of his explorations.


A lonely man in a large and bare space, in silence. This loneliness is counterpointed by the presence of a second person who follows him with his gaze, from the background. The silence is broken by sounds produced by the body, in a flow of actions articulated out of the performer’s attempt to unite with himself and with the present moment of his actions. The main action: to incorporate.

The performer progresses in this large space that becomes malleable through the sound work, work that is specially developed to render visible and audible certain actions that the performer produces.

The challenge is to present small or even tiny actions produced within a 'total economy of means' inside a large and bare space. It is a work on the variability of proportions that reveal and present these tiny actions, playing with the space as if distance were elastic, in a space-time that calls for reflexion and meditation.

The work with sound plays on distance the way a bellows does with air. At times it brings the spectators close to or right up against the performer, so they can hear subterranean, buried sounds while, at other moments, they are left at a distance. Through this amplification of sound and action, which acts as a kind of zoom, the space becomes flexible.

In INCORPORER, like in Éclats mats, we ask the audience to travel a certain distance in order to guide them toward seeing. This path is always in the process of being built and is achieved through teamwork during the performance, while at the same time, it asks what there is to show and to reveal. 

Space and time may be austere. We are not afraid of emptiness; we seek no accumulation, no 'spectacular' form, no tricks. The time in question is defined by the exchange of life-affirming fluids—air and water—through which the performers dialogue during the entire piece. INCORPORER is also a work that aims to bring forth a journey toward a certain freedom, as the performer evolves down their path.

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