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INCORPORER | re-activation

What remains in us from a piece we danced for the last time ten years ago? What movements, gestures and actions, what breath and suspension, are still present? Is it possible for us to find our way back to it, to revive it without relying on any recordings or notes, simply on the body’s memory, without the aid of archives or documents? What is the shape, the body, of this remembering?

INCORPORER, initially created for and with Vincent Druguet, was transmitted to Sylvain Prunenec starting in 2007.

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concept and choreography Olga de Soto
sound spacialisation Pierre Gufflet
clepsidrae Anne Mortiaux
costumes Thibault Vancraenenbroeck
with Sylvain Prunenec accompanied by Olga de Soto
initially created for and with Vincent Druguet Vincent Druguet and Olga de Soto
production Niels Production (Brussels)
coproduction creation Les Spectacles Vivants / Centre Pompidou (Paris)
with the support of Nadine (Brussels) and Centre Chorégraphique National de Franche-Comté (Belfort)
length 35 min.

© Maite Arberas Arza