In terms of form, this project consists of a series of solos that are not as they appear, as they could just as easily be duets, trios or quartets. No chapter is what it seems. They have the particularity of being 'accompanied solos', expressed through a game of relay where the principal actor of each chapter cedes his/her place to one the accompanists for the following chapter, who is in turn accompanied by someone else.

By choosing and distorting the form of the solo, I wish to explore the solitude staged in Éclats mats in greater depth, sometimes by accentuating, sometimes by attenuating. The chapters, created separately, are progressively assembled to form a whole, growing larger with time.

Each new chapter requires the reactivation and reconstruction of the former ones, those that precede and accompany it through its different phases, as it integrates itself to its sequel, transforming and developing throughout the process. The titles are arranged consecutively, which not only generates the title of the entire piece, but also defines the action developed in each phase.

The creation of this second chapter of the series comes at the tail of three experiences that shook me profoundly, spanning the personal to the professional, and which resound particularly in the first chapter of this suite. These three experiences create a field where memory occupies a fundamental place.

The question of a movement or a thought’s intention, what precedes or accompanies it, is once more at the heart of the work. As the dance is performed, it informs and nourishes the interpretation and production of the choreographic score.

These are supported by an arc of tension that is built in the moment, between the past of what just happened – INCORPORER – and its physical incorporation in the present, in the here and now, in the observation of what remains.

The score-in-progress can only come into being by reactivating the previous chapter.