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With Éclats Mats, piece for three dancers and a viola player, Olga de Soto continues the work of reflection and analysis surrounding movement, which she began in 1996, and continues to dive into the musical world of the Italian composer Salvatore Sciarrino, this time accompanied by violist Garth Knox.

One of the starting points of this work is the use and study of different words which express actions, states and evolutions: the use of verbs and the joining of their meanings. These tools are already present in her work in a more or less concrete or palpable way.

The choreographer wishes to affirm her relation to music not as an accompaniment relationship, where the gesture is directly linked to the musical work, but rather as a confrontation of two parallel reflections, two experiences of time and space. Faced with the musical explorations of Sciarrino, Olga de Soto creates a dance which questions itself about the mechanisms of its own language and which explores both the genesis and the motors of movement.

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choreography, set design and costumes Olga de Soto
clepsydrae Anne Mortiaux
music Salvatore Sciarrino (Tre notturni brillanti and Ai limiti della notte, compositions for viola)
musician Garth Knox
lighting Henri-Emmanuel Doublier
sound Pierre Gufflet
technical direction and stage technician Eric Vanden Dunghen
choreographic assistant Carlos Pez
chargé de production et de diffusion Christophe Slagmuylder
with Edith Christoph, Vincent Druguet or Alban Richard (since 2005), Garth Knox and Olga de Soto
This work has been created with Edith Christoph, Olga de Soto, Henri-Emmanuel Doublier, Vincent Druguet, Pierre Gufflet, Garth Knox, Carlos Pez and Eric Vanden Dunghen.
production Coto de Caza now Niels Production (Brussels)
coproduction Charleroi Danses - Centre Chorégraphique de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles
with the support of Centre Chorégraphique National de Rennes et de Bretagne (Rennes) and Ministère de la Communauté française de Belgique – Secteur danse
length 50 minutes

© Catherine Alvès