© Jorge León


With this first creation for a small group, Olga de Soto undertakes a second incursion in three of Zeno of Elea’s paradoxes, written around 465 B.C. to defend his master’s – Parmenides – thesis, in which the Presocratic philosopher denied the existence of movement. In this work the choreographer also tackles for the first time the theme of memory.

Olga de Soto uses Zeno’s paradoxes to explore a dance made of speed changes and motions. She takes the audience to a dive into a primary memory, the lost memory of all these things done for a first time, and challenges us to dig into our own oblivion. All along the performance, the three dancers invoke some of their childhood memories, real or created, reconstructed, and then observe the action of oblivion and the loss of memory.

Moving in a highly impressionistic musical universe, accompanied by a photographic installation conceived in collaboration with Jorge León, the choreographer immerses the audience into micro-fragments of the past which immateriality presents and extends the challenge she set to herself in her previous piece. She gives shape to a playful trio made of games of superpositions and juxtapositions, and of discrepancies between music and dance, movement and speech, time and space.



production Coto de Caza now Niels Production (Brussels)
co-production Bergen Internasjonale Teater (Bergen), in collaboration with Kongsvinger Teaterfestival (Kongsvinger), Charleroi Danses — Centre Chorégraphique de la Communauté Française de Belgique and Dans in Kortrijk (Kortrijk)
with the support of Ministère de la Culture et des Affaires Sociales - Direction Générale de la Culture et de la Communication - Direction d’Administration de la Promotion des Arts de la Scène - Service de la Musique et de la Danse, Commission Communautaire française, RE.AL / Centro Cultural de Malaposta (Lisbon) and SACD.
length 1h
choreography Olga de Soto
assistant to the choreography Françoise Rognerud
music Claude Debussy (Prélude pour piano seul - No. 6 Livre I "Des pas sur la neige", Sonata for violin and piano - 1st mouvement, Étude pour piano seul No. 6 - for eight fingers and Sonata for cello and piano - 2nd and et 3rd mouvements), Francis Poulenc (Sonata for two clarinets) and Denis Pousseur (Trio for clarinet, violin and piano "Le Silence du Futur" - 1st trio, duo for violin and piano and 2nd trio).
lighting and sound Gaëtan van den Berg
concept of the installation, pictures and video Jorge León 
concept of the scenography Jorge León and Olga de Soto
construction of the scenography Marion Gizard
costumes Nathalie Douxfils

created with Filipa Cardoso, Olga de Soto, Nathalie Douxfils, Marion Gizard, Jorge León, Roser Malagarriga Roselló, Françoise Rognerud and Gaëtan van den Berg
performed by Olga de Soto, Pascale Gigon and Roser Malagarriga Roselló

© Jorge León