Sveinung Ones

A great experience at BIT, Teatergasjen, Tuesday evening. But, I am sorry, the train is already gone and yesterday was the last performance in Bergen.

Three young women in dance and movement, the Spanish choreographer Olga de Soto, along with Filipa Cardoso and Roser Malagarriga.

The silence was the strongest, and you could listen to it, accompanied by musical drops.

The audience was asked direct questions: Do you remember the first time you drank water? The first time you went to the beach? Do you remember the first time...? With humour, young girls play dressed with very short shorts. We get a Chinese singing-lesson, they play with plates that swing and sway on the stage. Don't ask me if I understood, I didn't understand a thing. But that is not what it is all about, to understand. Not for me.

There was that silence, the beauty and the humour. The girls floating were like living sculptures, their movements suddenly impeded, then hurried, progressing slowly. We could recognize fragments of dialogues.

Then came the final scene; motionless, lying on the stage, the light wanes, softens, fades to complete dark. You would rarely see a painting of such beauty.

Sveinung Ones, Opplevelse, Bergensavisen (NO), April 27, 1995