© Laurent Lafolie


In Strumentale, which is based on a daring project by Stefano Scodanibbio, the two dancers gasp as if in response to the double bass, of which only the loose strings are being played. The music seems to appear from deep inside the dancers' diaphragms, driving and restraining their movements in polyphony of stifled rhythms: sonorous and gestural bodies, incarnating themselves in densities and presences. The on-stage musician polarises the space around his fixed position, with the dance itself cut off as if occurring on the edge of a dismantled space where a suspended, slowly revolving boom crossing the visual field, only adds to the destabilisation of relations.

Laurence Louppe

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production Coto de Caza now Niels Production (Brussels)
co-production Musica Libera (Brussels) and Charleroi Danses - Centre Chorégraphique de la Communauté française de Belgique
length 25 min
choreography Olga de Soto
music Stefano Scodanibbio (Strumentale, solo for double-bass)
played by Stefano Scodanibbio (both live music version and recorded music version)
scenography and costumes Thibault Vancraenenbroeck
lighting and sound Gaëtan van den Berg
duo created and performed by Olga de Soto and Pascale Gigon

© Laurent Lafolie
Excerpt from the performance recorded at Théâtre de la Balsamine, Brussel, in Nov 1997.