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Patios, first solo by Olga de Soto, is based on the musical analysis of the scores of four of the twelve studies for piano, dedicated to Chopin, that Claude Debussy composed in 1915, as well as inspired by the text by French writer Claude Simon Berenice's hair.

The choreography was written on systems of mirrors and echoes, in which dance forms parallel reflections, precedes, highlights or reminds elements of the musical composition, at different spatial and temporal scales. Continuity, introduction of accidental elements, suspension and fall, attentiveness and silence, are the fundamental elements used to establish the relation between movement and space, which driving force is the enormous richness of Debussy's piano studies.

The formal relation established between different elements during this solo, travels through a series of states which gradually go through the body. The choreographer also observes how the introduction of disruptive elements changes a predefined corporeality. The quality of movement is mainly defined by continuity. It remembers the imprints of those "accidents", that gradually alterate the balance, in crescendo. This tension plays with disequilibrium, not as an end but as a means to reverse the baselines.



production Coto de Caza /  Sota el Bosc Project now Niels Production (Brussels)
with the support of Addison De Wit (Brussels) and Indigo (Brussels)
length 23 mins.
choreography and performance Olga de Soto
music Claude Debussy (Studies for piano Nr. 7 for chromatic degrees, Nr. 9 for repeated notes, Nr. 10 oposite sonorities and Nr. 12 for chords)
lighting and sound Gaëtan van den Berg

© Jorge León