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The duet autre (other), first part of the choreographic suite anarborescences, has been conceived to be performed by two men, two women, a man and a women and, eventually, as a solo, so the piece may be literally "other" at each performance.

The piece is accompanied by Assonance IV a composition for tuba, alto and electronics written by Michael Jarrell in 1990. This composition is part of the series Assonances initiated in 1983 by the composer. All the different Assonances are part of a continually open cycle, whose nature strikes at the frontiers of musical writing, rejecting the instrument's limits. These Assonances are like a composer's sketchbook.

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production Coto de Caza now Niels Production (Brussels)
co-production IFOB / Iles de Danses 1999 (Paris)
with the supported Ministère de la Communauté française de Belgique - Direction générale de la Culture - Service général des Arts de la Scène - Service de la Danse, Charleroi Danses and SACD
length 25 min.
choreography Olga de Soto
music Michael Jarrell (Assonance IV, for tuba, alto and electronics)
performed in its recorded version by Gérard Buquet (tuba) and Christophe Desjardins (alto) and by Gérard Buquet (tuba) and Garth Knox (alto), in the live music version
scenography Thibault Vancraenenbroeck
costumes Marion Gizard
lighting Gaëtan van den Berg
assistant to the choreography Pascale Gigon
created with David Hernandez, Pascale Gigon and Olga de Soto

performed by Stefan Dreher, Pascale Gigon, Stéphane Hisler and/or Olga de Soto (one or two out of four - cast variable at each performance -)

© Jorge León