© Stanislav Dobák


Olga de Soto shifts her new work, Mirage, from the theatre’s stage to the exhibition space, and presents an ensemble composed of a series of interventions, performances and actions, inspired by Mirage’s creation process and created in dialogue with Sophie Whettnall’s work.

The idea of a displaced image taking shape in the air is at the origin of Mirage, Olga de Soto’s new piece which plastic work has been conceived in collaboration with interdisciplinary artist Sophie Whettnall. The choreographer reinvest the body and explores the possibility of a double score, simultaneously physical and mental, in order to give shape to a scenic object made of physicalities and of visible dynamics, while relying on images and invisible, mentally projected dynamics.

Mirage - displacement represents a new stage in the collaboration between the two artists. After Sophie Whettnall's work has visited the world of Olga de Soto and the space of the representation in Mirage, this time it is the choreographer's turn to visit the space of the exhibition, with a first displacement of her latest work and that has been imagined in dialogue with the works by Sophie Whettnall presented in her exhibition La banquise, la forêt et les étoiles (The Ice Field, The Forest and The Stars).

Mirage – displacement unfolds in two stages and presents itself as an experiment during which different temporalities are simultaneously explored. The two works contain similar elements – choreographic material and bodily states, plastic elements, materials and actions, as well as colour palette –, but exist as separate entities, each reflecting the distinct frameworks of their presentation. Mirage has been created for theatre spaces, while Mirage - displacement, presented in exhibition spaces, destabilizes the codes of representation. Mirage – displacement contains various proposals of different duration, created in the form of a loop, with its duration determined by venues and contexts.

Mirage - displacement unfolds as a progression of encounters, installed in multiple places throughout the space. The accumulation of bodies, materials and actions, are reminders of multiple fractures of an event that is repeatedly in progress.

concept and choreography Olga de Soto
in collaboration with
performance Albane Aubry, Edith Christoph, María de Dueñas López, Olga de Soto, Talia De Vries and Meri Pajunpää
sound Benoît Pelé
plastic elements Sophie Whettnall in collaboration with Olga de Soto
costumes Line De Munnynck

première on May 25, 2019 at Centrale for Contemporary Art, in the frame of Brussels Art Summit, in collaboration with BOZAR and WIELS.