© Maite Arberas Arza


In INCORPORER (accompanied solo #1), the dancer is an explorer, uncovering a dance where movement arises from observation and exploring different states of matter and the two fluids necessary for life: air and water. As the piece progresses, and under the gaze of a second person who accompanies the dancer, punctuating their actions with water-filled sound objects, the dancer explores a series of playful physical experiences that unfold in space, like a physician in the laboratory.

What can we do with the air that we breathe or the water we drink? What happens in our bodies or in the objects? Can we blow into a balloon until it pops? What happens if we release the balloon against something or someone? Can we inhale or exhale air through water? How can we create waves inside a balloon? And what about a storm? To incorporate air, water, their sounds, the space; to create one body out of many; to intimately unite one matter with another into an entirely new element, bring them in as parts of a whole, defined, demarcated, in silence. Lend body and resonance to the actions and sounds of a wandering that unfolds in close proximity to the action, in the intimate gesture of one whose attention is fully absorbed, like a child, by the meticulous observation of his explorations.

Following a score built on a series of playful actions, the dancer journeys from formed to deformed, liquid to gas, the solid and elastic matter of a balloon to the solid and unforgiving matter of the floor, from inner sound to outer sound, from the curve of a balloon to the rigid edge of a glass cube, suspension to precipitation, the immensity of the bare stage to the smallness of a ball in action. Through the dance that emerges with each new experience, the dancer weaves a dialogue with simple objects and discovers the possibilities of his body and the resistance of the materials, in order to unfold a mysterious universe in which the “smallest” become “very big”.

INCORPORER is also a work that strives to reveal, through the actions that cross the dancer’s path, a journey full of suspense; fun and poetic, guiding the dancer to act with complete freedom. 

concept and choreography Olga de Soto
sound diffusion and real time spatialisation Pierre Gufflet
clepsydrae Anne Mortiaux
costumes Thibault Vancraenenbroeck
with Sylvain Prunenec accompanied by Olga de Soto

Premiere on February 2019 at Charleroi danse / La Raffinerie, in Brussels, in the frame of Brussels Dance!

production Niels Production (Brussels)

coproduction of the creation Les Spectacles Vivants / Centre Pompidou (Paris)

supported by Nadine (Brussels) and Centre Chorégraphique National de Franche-Comté (Belfort)

length 35 min.

© Maite Arberas Arza